SAFSTOR (2016)
2K DCP, TRT 14:52
Dir/DP: Adam Diller

SAFSTOR contrasts the physical presence of the Three Mile Island power plant with the memories of local residents of the partial meltdown on March 28, 1979. The film explores archival materials and the contemporary landscape around the plant to provoke reflections on the unintended consequences of our infrastructure. The film leads the audience to consider what role nuclear power plants have in our lives, what the plants will become as they are decommissioned, and how our thinking has changed since the 1979 accident.

A Rendering (2016)
2K DCP, TRT 14:50
Dir: LIMITS (Corrie Before, Jason Anderson)
DP/Edit: Adam Diller

LIMITS, in association with filmmaker Adam Diller, premiere A Rendering, a two-part iterative dance film. Sound, space, and movement emerge as characters in a hypnotic, parallel universe that yields unusual psychological and physical states.

Tourism District (2016)
2K DCP, 14:16
Featuring Jeannie Sconzo, Rose Luardo
Directed and Edited by: Adam Diller
Cinematography: Conor O'Mara
Score: Adam Diller

Two women wander through an abandoned section of Atlantic City, New Jersey. TVs broadcast ads to an empty boardwalk. A recently built casino sits abandoned. A whale surfaces. The coastline erodes. The women end up in the same hotel for the night, one makes a phone call, the other watches TV.

2K DCP, TRT 23:52
Dir: Adam Diller & Shane Daniel Scott

A man living alone on the outskirts of an abandoned coal-mining town is forced to reconcile his fear of returning to civilization in the wake of a mysterious encounter.

Code Space (Work in Progress)
2K/4K Digital VideoDir/Edit/Sound: Adam DillerDirector of Photography: Andras Roder

A study of the process of coding a website. Code Space uses a stochasic, algorithmically generated editing matrix to study the spaces created and experienced during the process of coding. Slow motion cinematography by Andras Roder samples the space with barely perceptible dolly movements around the subject.

28 Outfalls (2014)
digital video 9:40
Dir/DP: Adam Diller

28 Outfalls is based on video and audio collected from the 28 largest Combined Sewer Outflow (CSO) sites in New York City. The film focuses on the visual and auditory spaces produced by this aspect of New York City’s infrastructure.

23 Steps (2013)
digital video 6:35
Featuring Tom Swafford
Dir/DP: Adam Diller
Assistant Director: Phillip Davies
Music: Tom Swafford

An algorithmically generated shooting sequence augmented by a free-written voiceover script. Contrasts an intense internal space with the mass of midtown manhattan.

vs 612 (2013)
digital video 8:43
Dir/DP/Composer: Adam Diller
Performed by: Matt Crane (bata, percussion); Adam Diller (conga, organ, bass clarinet); Andrew Lafkas (bass); Cat Lamb (viola)

An abstract exploration of rhythm, ratios, and images. The video was generated using 16mm film loops projected onto a set. The music is organized around a series of rhythmic ideas and contrasting tuning systems.