A Rendering

A Rendering (2016)
2K DCP, TRT 14:50
Dir: LIMITS (Corrie Before, Jason Anderson)
DP/Edit: Adam Diller

A Rendering
is a two-part iterative dance film by LIMITS. Sound, space, and movement emerge as characters in a hypnotic, parallel universe that yields unusual psychological and physical states

LIMITS is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary-performance art hybrid collaboration created by choreographer/dancer Corrie Befort and sound artist/musician Jason E Anderson.

Video shot and edited by Adam Diller


Local Sightings 2017, Northwest Film Forum, September, 2017
CROSSROADS FF, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, May, 2017
Velocity's Next Dance Cinema 2017 - December, 2016
Northwest Film Forum, November, 2016