SAFSTOR (film)

SAFSTOR (2016)
2K DCP, TRT 14:52
Dir/DP: Adam Diller 

SAFSTOR contrasts the physical presence of the Three Mile Island power plant with the memories of local residents of the partial meltdown on March 28, 1979.
The film explores archival materials and the contemporary landscape around the plant to provoke reflections on the unintended consequences of our infrastructure.

Visible Evidence, 8/2018
Moviate Film Festival, 5/2018
Athens International Film and Video Festival, 4/2018
Washington, DC Independent Film Festival, 2/2018
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival2/2018
Philadelphia Film Showcase, 1/11/2017
Prvi kadar (Sarajevo), 11/2017
New York Independent Documentary Festival, 11/2017
London International Documentary Festival, 11/2017
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, 11/2017
Outer Docs Festival, 11/2017 - Winner, Out of Bounds Award
Aesthetica Film Festival, 10/2017
Wolff Humanities Forum, University of Pennsylvania, 10/2017
Concordia University Film Festival, 6/2017
Hamburg Short Film Festival, 6/2017
Diamond Screen Film Festival, 5/2017 - Winner, Best Documentary
Montreal Underground Film Festival, 5/2017
Iowa City Documentary Festival, 4/2017
Interfilm Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, Environmental Film Competition, 11/2016